“Down the Spine” Exhibit in Peoria contains my book “Fate, Being & Necessity.”

March 15th, 2012

The exhibit “DOWN THE SPINE: The Art and Craft of the Book in Central
Illinois” runs from March 10th through April 6th at Contemporary Art Center
in Peoria, Illinois. Images of the exhibit may be viewed at:

Curated by Robert Rowe, from Bradley University, “Down the Spine”
takes an expansive view of the art and craft of the book. Works range from
traditional fine leather binding to sculptural pieces that incorporate text
and symbols. On one side of the gallery is a gossamer installation of
hanging sheets of handmade paper. This contrasts with a massive
finely-engineered 6-foot metal piece that rotates in multiple dimensions,
replete with symbols and figures telling a life story. In all of the works
in this show there are elements traceable to the history of the book.

Artist represented in the exhibit are:
Nicole Blackburn
Peter Bushell
Andrea Ernest
Andrew Huot
Steve Kostell
Becky Krohe
Elizabeth Linn
Kevin McGuire
Bea Nettles
Joe Richey
Meda Rives
Veda Rives
Robert Rowe
Todd Williams
Charles Wisseman
Sarah Zaleski