Forbidden Fruit to be shown at University of Washington

August 22nd, 2013

The exhibition, whose preliminary title is “Under the Wings of Artemis: Scholars, Artists and the Places Between,” explores modern book arts and the relationship of the subjects discussed in the academic works of the University of Washington Classics faculty
My book, “Forbidden Fruit,” was selected from hundreds of books to be highlighted in the companion book at the exhibition.There are approximately sixty-five artists represented in this exhibit book. The book will be print on demand, large landscape format, will consist of approximately forty-five pages. I will post details on the blog when the book is available.

This unique pop-up book was made during a Paper and Book Intensive in Andrea Dezso’s workshop. I had limited access to materials, so I chose to work with collage and cut out the small bits of text from pages of an old book. I had some scans from Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, and the woman I used as Persephone came from that painting. I have always been interested in comparative mythology and especially enjoy the explanation of the seasons given by Persephone’s story. The passage of time, and particularly the four seasons has been a theme in my work before (Seasonal Turns, Stonecipher). I am also drawn to the story of Eve and she has appeared in my work several times (in my book Complexities, for example)
The style of the book lent itself to a very short narrative. I happened to have digital prints that included an apple and a pomegranate. Upon designing the book, It struck me that both women, Eve and Persephone, got into major trouble because of their appetite for fruit..thus the title Forbidden Fruit and the text in the book ” Song of Sin” alluding to Eve, and “Bitter Sweet Regeneration” for Persephone.