Lecture at Tyler School of Art: September 18, 2013

September 6th, 2013

Time and Place: Images by Bea Nettles
From 1972-4, I taught at Tyler School of Art. I am looking forward to seeing their new campus and delivering a lecture at 11 AM in the Lighting Studio sponsored by the Photography Program. I will address photography’s unique abilities to reveal the passage of time and a sense of place by sharing several book projects that deal with these themes including Turning 50, Seasonal Turns, Stonecipher, Return Trips, and Place. A limited amount of these books will be on hand at the book signing following the talk.

You can get a preview of these books by visiting these links:
Turning 50 http://www.beanettles.com/folio/Offset_Books/Turning_50,_1995.html
Seasonal Turns http://www.beanettles.com/folio/Offset_Books/Seasonal_Turns,_1998.html
Stonecipher http://www.beanettles.com/folio/Artists_Books__2011/Stonecipher__A_Book_of_Seasons.html
Return Trips http://www.beanettles.com/works/returntrips/
Place http://www.beanettles.com/folio/Recent_Books/PLACE.html