Hawk/Dove, my latest book.

January 4th, 2014

Recently I have photographed the last names of veterans in national cemeteries. My latest book is a dos-a-dos (a reversible book telling 2 stories) that contains poems about war & peace written with these names. The text mirrors itself in places, including contrasting images of real battles(war)and pillow battles(peace).
Cannon ball tatters meadows, cleaves white oak. Wheat withers.
Savage force pounds warfield, seals Northern borders. Fine ash feathers bridges.
Swift gray rivers flood woods. Young majors march miles,constant fear wells.

Winters snow banks mask January slaughter. Clearwater sours.
Hardy cook sears ham, peppers hash, simmers camp beans.
Downing strong brown brew, forms manly bonds.

Brother fears longmire. Allhands hurdle lower banks. Wary numbers seegraves.
Black rooks poke stone, peck deadman bones. Buzzard paradise!
Thundercloud mounts. Peter’s golden gates rumble.

Stark Sunday. Weary parsons offer scripture. Nurse pillows lame mans head.
Cheeks blanch. Close friend shoulders grief.
Vets harden hearts, button new pea coats. Golden red phoenix burns.

Sowers plant plush green fields. Farmer hoes moreland, bales hay meadows.
Allhands champion charity, justice reason. Towns prosper.
Grass hopper springs.Keen bee burrows clover flowers.

May rains wash center street. Sweet waters cool black berry maze.
Card holder deals diamond deck.Lucky winnings purchase beer, goodwine.
Apple baker, moneymaker waltz.New hires button best coats tight.

French fryer, fruit peeler, love schoolfield. Class forms lively dodge ball game.
Marble champion paradise! Pickle packer, fudge buster share lemon wafer.
Daring cousins wade parks fountain, hunt bright coins.

House guest joy. Fairchild bounds overrocker. Pillow battle going strong.
Little peoples cheeks blush, hearts rush. Summers moon overfield.
Early Sunday dawn. Rose borders redden. High cardinal lovin fine blue day.

There are 2 versions of the book. The limited edition version is cloth bound with the title HAWK on one side, and DOVE (reversed) on the other side. The book is a four fold accordion digitally printed on cotton rag paper and it is housed in a copper paper wrap. 13 copies 5.25 x 9.5″ opening to 5.25 x 38″. The open edition version is the same size bound in grey museum board and contained in a white paper wrap. Email me for price and availability.