Remembering Joan Mondale

February 4th, 2014

s05_tomato_fantasywith mondales
lionel-joan mondalebea at mondales
Joan Mondale was an amazing supporter of American artists. During the Mondale’s term, they displayed art in their home that was selected from each region of the country. They also served guests using plates, glasses, and textiles handmade by artists. In 1979, one of my photographs, Tomato Fantasy was chosen by the George Eastman House in Rochester NY to be displayed in the Vice President’s home for a year. My husband and I went to visit twice, the first time for a private viewing. On that day we sat on their front porch and had this group photograph made. VP Mondale had just returned from a fishing trip. Later that year, the fish were served up at a party that honored the artists who’s work was on display. It was a great party, with tents in the yard and music provided by an Army band, but also by a punk-rock band from a nearby art school (probably the Corcoran).Everyone danced with everyone else, including Walter and Joan Mondale.