Coming soon_ Write Right: Card Deck

December 6th, 2015

write_right front
Another set of homonyms is finished and the decks are available in two sizes, the bridge and the smaller mini decks. They will soon be ready to ship from my store. Scroll down a bit and you will locate them:
These are the sets I found: abel able
aye eye beau bow blew blue boos booze cain cane chord cord coal cole
dawn don dear deer dike dyke drier dryer friar fryer gall gaul gamble gambol
genes jeans grim grimm hair herr hays haze heard herd knell nell
knew new lam lamb leaks leeks lear leer moor more pair pare
peal peel peat pete pillars pillers poor pour pray prey
read reed real reel rest wrest rhone roan rigger rigor
right write roam rome root route sacks sax sailer sailor
sails sales seaman seeman shelley shelly son sun
storey story straight strait thames tims toon tune
vails vales weakly weekly whyers wires