Imaginary Prairie on view at Krannert Art Museum

March 1st, 2017

imaginary p

From now through early July you can see Imaginary Prairie at the Krannert Art Museum. This is a triptych of etchings that I printed on muslin, quilted and stretched around a wood frame. It was made while I was a graduate student at the University of Illinois working towards my MFA in painting. This was my response to the black soil of the midwest, something that impressed me as a Floridian from a sandy soil.
It’s a very interesting show with objects drawn from all over, primarily from the archives.

Land Grant draws from libraries, archives, and collections across campus to propose an expanded field for considering the university—its founding and history, land use practices, and questions of indigeneity—all while assessing the current status of public higher education in the United States. Recognizing the ability of images to both legitimize and contest power, and experimenting with curatorial methods of evidence and inquiry, this exhibition takes stock of where we, as university students, stand today in relation to such questions.