New interpretation of the myth of Persephone 2018

November 23rd, 2018

I have continued to take photographs of surnames on gravestones that function as parts of speech. Using these words I have written several poems and created artists books. My latest project has been to write a version of the myth of Persephone. Mine is called Springs Victory: Kore Comes Back (Kore being an alternate name for Persephone) and I have completed it in two formats. There is an open edition that can be ordered from my webpage store using Paypal ($35 plus shipping) and a limited edition. Email me at to determine current price and availability.

This is the limited edition which is a cloth bound book encased in a custom box:
kore book_case

The paper version is a two sided four fold accordion book of 4.5 x 11.75 and opens to 18″,.kore paper

The full text can be viewed here: