Four libraries have acquired Springs Victory: Kore Comes Back

December 3rd, 2018

hurrahSeveral Special Collections libraries have added my latest book SPRINGS VICTORY: KORE COMES BACK to their collections. Thanks to the Beinecke at Yale; Herron School of Art in Indianapolis; and the universities of Arizona and Central Florida.
The book is the myth of Persephone written entirely in surnames that I photograph on gravestones.
Here’s the final chapter of the book:

Hurrah! Demeter regains rising companion! April weathers start over during young persons advent.
Milder airs usher greener interval. Sun beams stream nicely overall. All welcome Mayweather bliss!
Dance music cheers seed sowers. Ready seeds begin to sprout. Wheat shoots greenup.
Springborn lamb capers on fuller fields. Olive trees flower, fruit groves prosper.
Prior mourning over, June favors morning outing. Merry laughter rings.
Pollen streams over July corn silks Wheat thresher bales holy miracle.
Eager sons eatwell, grow fat. August days offer overall welfare.
True joy shines on perfect paradise.