Six from the Seventies: Show at Howard Greenberg, NYC

August 20th, 2004

Six from the Seventies

A selection of work from Flamingo in the Dark was on view in NYC from June 18-August 20, 2004 at Howard Greenberg Gallery. The complete works are archived at their website under ‘Previous Exhibits.” From the Press Release: The sixth artist in the exhibition is Bea Nettles who throughout the decade resolutely defied the conventions of photographic image making by employing what were considered alternative processes. By using non-silver based photography, Nettles could execute imagery based less on the re-presentation of reality than on her imagination and political posture in the feminist era. These works, produced through combining images and selecting pigments in a process known as Kwik Print, are fantastic visions of interpersonal relationships, dreams and memories. More painting than document, these unique works are a bridge between the pre-Modernist musings of the Photo-Secessionists and the Post-Modern appetite for recycled images.

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