Family Resemblances: 50 Years of Florida Family Portraits

April 24th, 2006


This fall will mark the fiftieth year that I have photographed my family members in Florida, starting with pictures I took of my sisters when I was ten years old. To celebrate this milestone, I have made a limited edtion book of these portraits entitled Family Resemblances: 50 Years of Florida Family Portraits. Looking through all of these portraits, I can see the physical family resemblances. Familiar smiles, noses (from the Nettles side) and ears (from the Nobles side) appearing through the generations, sisters with similar eyes, daughters who look like their mothers. Certain family traits are also apparent: love of being in and on or around the water, gardening, making music and singing out loud, piecing puzzles and building things, caring for pets, looking for shells, reading, and most of all enjoying our times together.

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