Final Book in Iceland: Heimdall’s Horn, The Guardian of Bilfrost Bridge

July 20th, 2007

westman-portrait.jpgEarlier this week I spent two days on Heimaey, the only populated island of the Westman Islands, made famous by a destructive volcanic eruption in the 70s which buried a large portion of the town.

I have finished my final book and will be leaving Iceland today. The book is called Heimdall’s Horn. Heimdall is the guardian of the gods who’s task it is to blow his horn at the end of the world. His hearing is so acute that he can hear grass grow. He guards the rainbow, which is called the Bilfrost Bridge, that leads to the home of his fellow gods. The final book made during my residency in Iceland features this alert guardian. The manuscript illumination of Heimdall is from Melsted’s Edda at the Arni Magnusson Institute in Iceland drawn in the 1765 by Jakob Sigursson.
To see all pages of the book, visit Icelandic books.