Indra’s Net: New book with poem by Grace Nettles

March 10th, 2008

This new scroll has just been completed in an edition of nine. The tubular boxes were crafted with hand marbled silk and silver tyvek coverings. When the lid is lifted, you will ring a small silver bell. The poem is printed on a spider-web background. The back of the scroll has been marbled using the sumigashi technique.
The poem, Indra’s Net, was written by Grace Nettles and appears in the book Corners, which can be ordered from this website. Only a few copies of Corners remain. Contact us by email for ordering details for this new signed and numbered book, priced at $350.

Indra’s Net
She told me that she never dreamed of him.

Walking straight-backed and proud
Keeping her promises
She never met him in that strange domain.

But dreams are mean
And can outwit the strongest will.

One night she found herself she said
Caught in an Indra’s net of shining strands
And at each crossing-place a memory was fastened
Etched on a little silver bell.

So delicate and strong this net
Even her breathing would disturb the nearest bell
And it would ring them all
Thrilling the impulse out along the shimmering cord.

And since that night she said
She knew the reason why
Roused by the tinsel calling of the birds
Her waking thought would always be of him.

┬ęGrace Nettles, Corners, 1988.