Celebrate the arrival of my PAMBook

September 21st, 2008

Just arrived from Australia, a PAMBook containing images from the original Mountain Dream Tarot. Perks and Mini (PAM) have produced a series of highly collectible books featuring photographers from around the world. More of their books can be seen at their website: http://www.pambook.com/new.html

In celebration of this long awaited publication, we are offering a combination package of Tarot publications including the Mountain Dream Tarot (2001)deck, Knights of Assisi: A Journey Through the Tarot, and a bonus copy of the PAM book of Mountain Dream Tarot. Go to my store and order the deck and a copy of Knights and you will be sent all three items. I have a very limited quantity of this book. Once they are gone, you can order the book directly from PAM at their website.