20th Anniversary Edition of Corners: Grace & Bea Nettles

December 19th, 2008

You can purchase the new hand-colored edition of Corners from LULU. This 7.5″ square book of 75 poems by Grace Nettles, was originally printed in the 70′s as part of a mother/daughter collaboration. Included are memorable images of heartbreak,forgiveness, love and loss. Divided into four chapters based on the seasons and major milestones of life.
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The Three Moon Sisters by Grace Nettles

The full moon has gone mad
And slid
Down to the windy places where the dog-howls go to die.

Then for a spell
Rules Hecate the dark.

With what relief
And always some surprise
We see you reappear
Amber sliver
Mona Lisa of the western skies.