14 Mysteries: The open edition

February 26th, 2009

14mysteries-tied.jpg14mysteries-open09.jpg About a year ago I finished a leather bound limited edition version of this key-size book, with an elegant slipcase and an actual key embedded underneath the leather cover. It is a compelling little book and whenever I show it, it arouses people’s natural curiosity. Since only two copies of the original five are still available for collectors, I have just made a more modest version of this book, for those of you just starting out your book collections. Here’s the message that the text conveys:
These keys were found in a cluster when we moved here in 1984. Their purposes have long been forgotten. After twenty two years they hang on a hook in the basement. No one has the heart to just throw them away. One never knows when their role in our house will be revealed. Email for price and availability.