Stonecipher: A Book of Seasons. The boxed version is complete.

October 25th, 2011

Stonecipher is now available in a larger deluxe version: a boxed set with each season bound in a separate book. The books can be hung on the wall for display purposes. These poems created with the last names on gravestones that are nouns, verbs and adjectives photographed within thirty minutes of my home.
Text of the poems about the seasons:
May Day
Ruby flowers ring lavender stone maze
Shepherd shields furry newcomer lamb
Parsley sowers weed brush borders
Barrow wheeler, clay hacker, sprinkle strong peat
Small rains force flora mantle fuller
Joy jumper, brookbank skipper, wade claybrooks flood
Swift finch, haven weaver, wing Merrifield miles
Blue herron, white crane, silver starbird hatch
Salmon fisher bear battles brooks broad current
Keen dew waters elder berry bowers
Craig lister, funk rock singer, coil frisbie
Childs cloud castle mounts
Trees bloom vermillion
Winters victor, jolly jester, early merry may.

Summers Call
Cherry carrier, peach creamer, spears dill pickle
Young ponder truelove, youngblood love
Shell finder boys cover leasure beach
Arms, chin, face burns tanner
Mayberry meadows frame lacy cotton smock
Ball catcher fellows munch franks ham burger
Greenman, roseman, wiseman weed
Appleman, pearman, plowman seed
Henry, Harry, Ryan speed
Dust coats bullock roper, camp bush rider
Fleetwood groves shade penny lane
Plush moss banks rivers way
Swan waltz combs june pool
Southern grove wells nightingale call
Bent blue English oaks sink low
Hardy farmer burrows summers sweet fields
Rising green wheat.

Falls Nicewander
Summers vineyard withers
Hedges curl
Green trees redden
Hill burns sharp golden sparks
Harsh nettles madden pepper black bull
Weary workman downs stout beers
Belting rains power welling creek
Chestnut woods trimble
Wise householder stocks winters heater wood
Crabtree leathers
Brash beavers carpenter westbrook woods
Heath fox burrows brown mink warrens
House sparrow fears keener barnfield hawk
Marsh mallow feaster mounts straw bales
Trick treat comer goers sample candy hoard
Noble ash shields Saint Mathews church
Rough gust teeters gray parrish gates
Pilgrim peoples want grandberry jelly
Moody light falls
Brownfield turner seals woody seed ransom.

Winters Force
Winters sharp beard tufts rough white borders
Bent birch branch falls northway
Silver buckler hooks ice spear hilt
Violet bridges grace black cobble stonestreet
Ford driver fears rear fender bender
Heater bills rising
Fairchild shivers, buckles tweedy vest
Woolen weeks foster bacon fryer, pancake eater
Sellers ponder day, downing good strong teas
Trees snap power during bower sleeter storm
Sterling frost sheets temple bell
Ambler wills winters knell
Flowers dearth powers sowers hope
Wolf spoor marks weasel trail
Partridge hunter, woodcock catcher crouch underwood
Crews cross winters dull north bays
Glass moon beam wells west
Long yen yang whiteside wait.

This boxed set was created in an edition of 3. There is also one Artist’s Proof copy.
$1000 for an editioned copy, $900 for the proof. Contact for further information.
Epson prints on cotton paper. Books and books are cloth covered.