Two photos in FIERCE, at Portland Museum of Art

July 5th, 2013

Two of my works from the Portland Museum of Art’s permanent collection will be on display through August 25th in an exhibition called FIERCE: Animal Life from the Collection. It looks like a fun summertime show, so if you are in the area, I hope you can stop in and visit it.

The image pictured here is Eleanore from Rachel’s Holidays, a dye transfer portfolio from 1984:

The Photographic Object 1970

June 22nd, 2013

One of my works originally shown in 1970 at MOMA, NYC in Photography into Sculpture will be shown in Dijon, France July through September. The show is called The Photographic Object 1970 and the work is Pleasant Pasture, an image printed on toned photo linen and machine stitched to a museum board.

Accordion Workshop at Centennial High School

March 13th, 2013

Here is a link to a visual record of a pocket accordion workshop that I taught for Stacey Gross’s photo students and book arts club yesterday at Centennial High School in Champaign, Illinos.

New book “PLACE” is now available for order.

February 26th, 2013

My latest book project, called PLACE, has been finished. It is a set of four booklets that address American history in the North, South, East and West written using last names found on gravestones, history written by the names of some of this country’s residents. You can order a copy by going to my store and using Paypal.

Here is the colophon from the book: Place is a manifestation of my continued fascination with descriptive family names that are nouns, verbs and adjectives, my own nettles included. How did such names become attached to people and what might be their effect? Do people notice? Many names are explained by occupation (rider, roper, master) physical characteristics (brunette, dimple, blush), dwelling place (appleyard, grimwood, halfhill.) Other categories I found were food (corn, fruit, olive), birds, alcohol, animals, money…or its lack, weather, water, plants (nettles, cotton) and trees.

What began with a few photographs of gravestones in the fall of 2010 has grown to a collection of over 2,500, primarily taken with my cellphone and managed and searched digitally. My first project was Stonecipher: A Book of Seasons in which I used these stones to write poetry about the passage of a year. In this first case, I had limited my search to my home county.

On my travels, I continued to seek out cemeteries, walking countless miles up and down the rows. I decided to create another book, this time featuring the four cardinal directions: north, south, east and west. It became apparent to me that I could write an interpretive history of the United States using the names of some of the families who immigrated here. Each story begins with the settlement of the region and ends with contemporary families headed home.

I set up several parameters for this project, correct grammar in the construction of the narrative being one of them. I used only last names (yes, Victor and Jack are surnames too) and and did not crop or add letters to them. The one instance where I broke a rule was to include the word sisters, which was not a last name that I found although I know it exists. This was due to the difficulty I was having including the history of women. The occupations that I could find were primarily male ones (with the exceptions of cook, baker, housekeeper, nurse, and milliner) Also our naming conventions are primarily male with the use of “son”(jackson, johnson) and “man” (fishman, fineman, waterman, westman.) To keep the project a manageable size, the stones had to be made quite small so the photographs were retouched digitally for clarity and to remove first names and dates. You will have to trust me about this. Indeed, among the common names that we no longer think about at all, these wonderful and curious names exist.

Collage Book Workshop: registration open at Newspace, Portland, Oregon.

February 19th, 2013

The Fine Art Collage Book: Saturday April 20, 9-4 at Newspace.
This sophisticated, but simple book structure gives you an opportunity to synthesize some of the photographs, text, assorted papers and two-dimensional items that you have accumulated over the years. Five stocky pages will be created covering them entirely with your collages. They will then be “perfect bound” along one edge with a simple technique using a strip of leather. The resultant book is strong and opens flat. Indentations can be made for small 3-D objects as well.

To register, visit their website at:

Portland Oregon visit in April 2013: Workshop, Reading, and Exhibition

February 19th, 2013

I will be in Portland the weekend of April 19-21.

Friday the 19th from 4-6 there will be a closing reception for my one person book show at 23 Sandy Gallery. The show will be up March 15-April 20.

Saturday the 20th from 9-4, I will lead a workshop called the Collage Book at Newspace.

Saturday evening I will attend an opening of “Off the Plain” at Pioneer Place Mall.

Sunday the 21st at 4PM I will be giving a reading of my latest book, ironically called PLACE, which will be shown at that exhibition. Come join me!
Pioneer Place Mall, 700 SW 5th Ave/3rd F

Comparison of Mt Dream Tarot Editions

January 21st, 2013

There have been three editions of Mountain Dream Tarot. The first two decks were printed in single-colors of Purple(Upper Arcana), Blue(Swords), Green(Wands), Brown(Pentacles) and Red(Cups.) The first edition (burgundy box) was produced in 1975 and is highly collectible. The second (black box 2001) went out of print last year. The latest tinted version is now available and comes in a drawstring bag. Pictured here is a comparison of the Tower card.

Just Released! Mountain Dream Tarot 3rd edition.

December 31st, 2012

Just released in time for the new year is this new edition of Mountain Dream Tarot. Using the original photographic images from 1970-75 (pre-Photoshop). They retain their monochromatic look, but have been slightly tinted. This slimmer deck has been digitally printed onto coated stock and is encased in a drawstring bag. Cards measure 2.75 x 4.75. They are available using Paypal from my store.
This deck has been highly sought after in Europe, especially since the first two editions have gone out of print. You can find out more about the origins of this project by watching several videos on Youtube.

The three of swords was used by Bruce Springsteen a few years ago on Magic.

Wooster show closes December 9th

December 5th, 2012

My show Return Trips which contains a selection of photographs and artists’ books will come down on December 9th. If you live in the Wooster area, I hope you can stop in and see it. To see a few of these images you can go here:

Seasonal Special: Collection of Offset Books

December 5th, 2012

Here is a special opportunity for gift giving OR to begin a collection of my offset books(…or replace those copies that you lent to someone and never got back…)
Just go to my store and use PAYPAL.

Collection of 9 titles $65
Flamingo in the Dark, Complexities, Seasonal Turns, Life’s Lessons, The Skirted Garden, 28 Days, Grace’s Daughter, Turning 50 & Knights of Assisi.
Valued at $123 if bought individually. Free shipping in the lower 48 States. Contact by email for shipping estimates anywhere else.

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