80 Little Lambs

May 12th, 2012

For over a year, I have been using a black and white cellphone ap to photograph the lamb monuments found in many graveyards. Most of these are close to one hundred years old today. I have arranged the lambs from distinct to almost dissolved as a meditation upon the effects of time and memory.
You can see all of the pages here: http://www.beanettles.com/folio/Artists_Books__2012/80_LIttle_Lambs.html

From the colophon: It was common practice in the Victorian age to mark the grave of an infant or very young child with a carved lamb. Some of these poignant markers are so worn that the names can no longer be read, but the guardians remain faithfully atop the stones.

Two new books completed: Wood Type and Time’s Traces

May 7th, 2012

This book contains five different alphabets shot in the woods around the USA. Each set utilizes the distinct flora of that part of the country. The photographs have been created without moving or altering the sites, which is part of the challenge of creating them.
This accordion is hard bound and encased in parchment paper wrap. 6.5(H) x 6.5(W) x .25” opening to 36.5”.
Epson prints on cotton rag paper. For more detail:http://www.beanettles.com/folio/Artists_Books__2012/Wood_Type.html


These footprints were photographed with a black and white I-phone Ap in the raking morning light on the Gulf Coast beaches of Florida in the winter of 2012.This accordion is bound in uncovered grey museum board and encased in parchment paper wrap.
5.5(H) x 4.5(W) x .25” opening to 24”. Epson prints on cotton rag paper. More info:http://www.beanettles.com/folio/Artists_Books__2012/Times_Traces.html

Arthopper review of Akron Exhibition

April 16th, 2012

Thanks to Karli Hamad for this thoughtful feature about my visit to Akron.

Exhibition review for String of Hearts.

April 15th, 2012

LA Times review of “Sight Specific” includes one of my Kwik Prints.

March 23rd, 2012

Pack up Your Troubles is pictured in the LA Times review of the exhibition in Los Angeles of works that were shown in the Los Angeles Center for Contemporary Photography from 1974-85 ( “Sight Specific: LACPS and the Politics of Community” at the University of Southern California’s Fisher Museum of Art:
University of Southern California, 823 Exposition Blvd, (213) 740-4561, through April 7. Closed Sundays and Mondays. www.fisher.usc.edu

Here is the review:http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/culturemonster/2012/03/pst-a-to-z-sight-specific-and-in-focus.html

“Down the Spine” Exhibit in Peoria contains my book “Fate, Being & Necessity.”

March 15th, 2012

The exhibit “DOWN THE SPINE: The Art and Craft of the Book in Central
Illinois” runs from March 10th through April 6th at Contemporary Art Center
in Peoria, Illinois. Images of the exhibit may be viewed at:

Curated by Robert Rowe, from Bradley University, “Down the Spine”
takes an expansive view of the art and craft of the book. Works range from
traditional fine leather binding to sculptural pieces that incorporate text
and symbols. On one side of the gallery is a gossamer installation of
hanging sheets of handmade paper. This contrasts with a massive
finely-engineered 6-foot metal piece that rotates in multiple dimensions,
replete with symbols and figures telling a life story. In all of the works
in this show there are elements traceable to the history of the book.

Artist represented in the exhibit are:
Nicole Blackburn
Peter Bushell
Andrea Ernest
Andrew Huot
Steve Kostell
Becky Krohe
Elizabeth Linn
Kevin McGuire
Bea Nettles
Joe Richey
Meda Rives
Veda Rives
Robert Rowe
Todd Williams
Charles Wisseman
Sarah Zaleski

Portland Art Museum shows my work in “Emerging”

March 9th, 2012

Some of my work will be included in this upcoming exhibition at the Portland Art Museum called “Emerging: Recent Acquisitions.” I hope those of you in Portlandia can drop in and see it!


Hanging out with Rembrandt

March 3rd, 2012

My work appears paired with Rembrandt in the 12th edition of Art Fundamentals: Theory and Practice. Pretty cool! This piece is now at the Phillips Collection in Washington, DC.http://www.phillipscollection.org/willo/w/size3/2007.003.0001w.jpg

You can find the book various places online.

“String of Hearts” Exhibition and Lecture at Akron Museum of Art

March 2nd, 2012

I will be delivering a lecture about this show on April 12 at 6:30.

From the Press Release:

String of Hearts: Photographs by Bea Nettles
On View March 10 – July 8, 2012
Akron, Ohio, February 13, 2012 –It is said that the most personal artwork becomes universal. Often depicting the artist’s intimate family life, the photographs of Bea Nettles also speak to broader ideas of motherhood, teaching and what it means to be an artist.
Featuring works from her most seminal series of photographs, String of Hearts, on view March 10 – July 8, spans nearly thirty years of the artist’s significant career.
“Once I had my first child,” Nettles states, “I was connected to history.” It is her exploration of parental responsibility and inventive use of autobiographical images that are the focus of this exhibition in the Fred and Laura Ruth Bidwell Gallery at the Akron Art Museum.
While Nettles is celebrated for her metaphoric views of domesticity, it is her experimental processes that animate her themes. She is among a group of pioneering artists who in the late 1960s and early 70s began inventing alternative photographic techniques to explore aspects of their emotional life in a symbolic rather than documentary manner.
A leader of the handwork movement, Nettles augments her photographs with applied color, stitching, textiles and text. She is also known for her bookmaking. Through teaching and numerous publications including Breaking the Rules: A Photo Media Cookbook in 1977, Nettles’s innovative use of photographic imagery and processes have influenced generations of photographers.

Paradiso on display in San Francisco

February 28th, 2012

You can still see my book Paradiso in a wonderful exhibition of artists’ books by members of the College Book Art Association at the San Francisco Public Library.

paradiso.jpg The show comes down the second week of March.

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