Original Photographic Tarot goes to the Cary Collection, Beinecke Library, Yale University

December 2nd, 2008

From 1970-75 I created what is believed to be the first complete photographic tarot card deck in the history of the cards. The original deck consisted of hand-colored photographic prints on fiber paper machine-stitched between 2 layers of frosted mylar. The cards are 4×5″ and encased in a velvet lined canvas folio. The Cary Card Collection is one of the world’s largest. It is located in the Beinecke Library at Yale University. The deck has gone through several transformations over the years. The first offset edition was published in the mid-70′s and has long been out of print. (There are four copies left. Email for current price and availablity) You can purchase a second edition deck directly from the store at this website…own a little bit of history!
You can view two Youtube videos:
How my Tarot card was used by Bruce Springsteen as disc icon for Magic:
The beginning of my Mt Dream Tarot:

Plontu Handbokin: An Artist’s Guide to the Wildflowers of Iceland, just published

November 25th, 2008

You can order a copy of my latest book online from LULU. Enter my name in their search field or go to this link:http://www.lulu.com/content/4764977 This book was begun while I was in Iceland one spring. Included are detailed pictures of forty plants and the landscapes that surrounded them. The names of the plants are shown in Icelandic (the real challenging part), Latin and English. It sells for $29.95 plus shipping. You can see sample images at LULU or here on my website at: http://web.me.com/nettles3/Pay_on_Demand_Books/Plontu_Handbokin%3A_An_Artists_Guide_to_the_Wildflowers_of_Iceland.html

National Museum of Women in the Arts purchases two recent books

November 25th, 2008

foss-box2.jpgruby_open2.jpgFoss: The Legendary Waterfalls of Iceland and The Passage of the Ruby Ring have been purchased by the National Museum of Women in the Arts. The books will be used to demonstrate important principles to students through a program sponsored by their Education Department.

Pyramid Atlantic 2008 Book Arts Fair

November 11th, 2008

pyramid081.jpgI’ve just returned from a weekend in Silver Springs, Maryland where I had a table at the Pyramid Atlantic Book Arts Fair. This year it was held on the campus of Montgomery College and had a steady flow of onlookers. The leaves were changing and change was in the air as Washington was filled with enthusiastic conversations about the election results.

Check out these links to learn more about the Fair:

Graduate Photography Critique at Savannah College of Art

October 30th, 2008

scadcrit1.jpgI have just returned from my visit to Savannah College of Art (SCAD) where I spent an afternoon with some of the graduate students in photography, looking at their work and enjoying their stories.

Memory Theaters: Lecture at Savannah College of Art, October 23

October 10th, 2008

bonaventure_.jpgOn Thursday night October 23, I will be giving a public lecture called Memory Theaters: The Photographs and Books of Bea Nettles in Savannah at SCAD. This will be at 7:30PM at the Student Center, 120 Montgomery Street, 2nd floor. After the talk there will be a book signing.

Lazy Goody Land inspired by childrens’ poem.

October 9th, 2008

lazy3.jpgRecently I completed a new book of collages inspired by the poem Lazy Goody Land, which tells of a land where everything is edible. In this book I used etchings previously made in the 80′s as the basis for the narrative. Three copies of the book were made, one recently purchased by a noted childrens’ book collector.All of the images in the book can be seen here:http://web.mac.com/nettles3/Recent_Artists_Books/Lazy_Goody_Land,_2008.html

Celebrate the arrival of my PAMBook

September 21st, 2008

Just arrived from Australia, a PAMBook containing images from the original Mountain Dream Tarot. Perks and Mini (PAM) have produced a series of highly collectible books featuring photographers from around the world. More of their books can be seen at their website: http://www.pambook.com/new.html

In celebration of this long awaited publication, we are offering a combination package of Tarot publications including the Mountain Dream Tarot (2001)deck, Knights of Assisi: A Journey Through the Tarot, and a bonus copy of the PAM book of Mountain Dream Tarot. Go to my store and order the deck and a copy of Knights and you will be sent all three items. I have a very limited quantity of this book. Once they are gone, you can order the book directly from PAM at their website.

Sewing Basics Workshop: October 4,2008

September 13th, 2008

Now is the time to register for the next GSLIS Workshop: Sewing Basics. On Saturday October 4, I will teach three ways of sewing and participants will create three great books: a Punch Bound book, a Dos-a-Dos using the pamphlet stitch, and an exposed spine sewing using Multiple Needles. An interesting selection of papers and thread colors will be provided. This is an excellent class for beginners. Continuing students can make their books more complex with the addition of labels and other options.

Early registration is highly recommended:

Books now located in University of Washington’s Special Collections Library

August 21st, 2008

This month in Seattle, several of my artists’ books were acquired by the University of Washington for their extensive artists’ book collection. They now have a good selection of my limited edition books. Recently added were: The Imaginary Blowtorch, The Elsewhere Bird, The Nymph of the Highlands, Of Loss and Love, Swamp Lady Card Deck, (all from the 70′s) and recent books: Victor Nettles Memorial, Family Resemblances, The Passage of the Ruby Ring, and 14 Mysteries.
The Imaginary BlowtorchThe Elsewhere Bird
The Nymph of the HighlandsOf Loss and LoveSwamp Lady Card DeckVictor Nettles MemorialFamily ResemblancesPassage of the Ruby Ring14 Mysteries

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