Papermaking Workshop at UIUC

March 10th, 2007

Bookmaking book

Margaret Rhein, from Terapin Papers in Cincinnati, was a visiting artist at the University of Illinois Art and Design Department this weekend. She taught two workshops in decorative papermaking. Twenty four students pulled and embellished several sheets each.

Suzanna Surprised

March 3rd, 2007

Suzanna Surprised

“Suzanna…Surprised” is moving permanently to the Phillips Collection in Washington, DC. This was the largest work that I made in 1970 using liquid emulsion on fabric. It was first exhibited in a one person show, “Images and Swamp Dreams” at the International Museum of Photography, George Eastman House. In 1972 it was included in “PhotoMedia” at the Museum of Contemporary Crafts in NYC. It has been published in Strategies of Being: Art Since 1940 written by Jonathan Fineberg.

Yale acquires Mountain Dream Tarot

December 22nd, 2006


One of the few remaining copies of the 1976 edition of Mountain Dream Tarot was recently acquired by Yale University for their Cary Collection in the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library. The Cary Collection was begun in 1945 and is a highly regarded scholarly resource.

Mt Dream Tarot Feature in DOINGBIRD

December 21st, 2006


This month twelve cards from the Mountain Dream Tarot deck were published in the Australian magazine Doingbird. The article featured images from the vintage 1976 deck and the 2001 second edition. Doingbird highlights fashion, music and art with an emphasis on photography.

Pyramid Atlantic Book Fair

November 7th, 2006


The Pyramid Atlantic Biennial Book Fair was held in November this year and I shared a table. It was a well attended event and I had the opportunity to meet many people and see old friends as well. At the fair, I offered for the first time my Pyramid Special. This is a collection of all of my photographic offset projects (minus Breaking the Rules, my out of print textbook). It is a total of thirteen books for $180 which includes shipping. Several librarians snapped up this deal, as it allowed them to have a complete set of my work. Turning 50 and Corners are the next titles that will go out of print.

Thinking Outside the Book: Contemporary Artists’ Books, November 1-15

November 3rd, 2006


If you are on the University of Illinois campus, walk through the hallways of the Main Library. This exhibit explores and celebrates the structure and flexibility of the book form as a vehicle for creative expression. It features work by my students in book arts classes at the UIUC School of Art and Design, as well as works from private collections and selections from the holdings of the University Library.

Check out the books my students make!

October 8th, 2006

For the past few years I have been teaching courses in artists’ books at the University of Illinois. Several of the assignments are now online at: Follow the links from the ABC books to the Recycled Book and The Book of Fun and Games.

Complete Catalog of my books from the 70’s now online

August 14th, 2006

70s books

I began making artists books in 1970 and moved from making one of a kind and very small editions to the use of the offset press for runs of around 100 copies. By the mid 70s, I was operating a small offset press on my own. It was during this decade that I learned the essentials of printing, from design and layout, making halftones, stripping them, burning plates, printing and simple binding techniques. Most of these books are long gone, in public and private collections. You can now see what I produced during that early experimental era..and what remains for collectors if you follow the link to the 70s book catalog that has just been put on this site.

Letterpress printing class at Penland School

July 8th, 2006


I’ve just returned from an intense and rewarding two week class in letterpress printing taken from Steve Miller at Penland School in North Carolina. A wide range of printing techniques was covered, along with detailed instruction on the use of the Vandercook press. By next summer, Penland expects to have a new building devoted to all forms of printmaking.

Finished classes at the Paper & Book Intensive

June 21st, 2006


I enjoyed taking thee classes at this year’s Paper and Book Intensive in LaPorte, Indiana: Papermaking, Illuminated Manuscripts, and Japanese Woodblock Printing. Pictured here is the small test illumination that I made the first day. Check out Convivio Bookworks PBI photos at:

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