Family Resemblances: 50 Years of Florida Family Portraits

April 24th, 2006


This fall will mark the fiftieth year that I have photographed my family members in Florida, starting with pictures I took of my sisters when I was ten years old. To celebrate this milestone, I have made a limited edtion book of these portraits entitled Family Resemblances: 50 Years of Florida Family Portraits. Looking through all of these portraits, I can see the physical family resemblances. Familiar smiles, noses (from the Nettles side) and ears (from the Nobles side) appearing through the generations, sisters with similar eyes, daughters who look like their mothers. Certain family traits are also apparent: love of being in and on or around the water, gardening, making music and singing out loud, piecing puzzles and building things, caring for pets, looking for shells, reading, and most of all enjoying our times together.

Visit the online versions at:

Edible Book Entry, The Toast of the Town

April 7th, 2006


This was the first annual Edible Book Contest at the University of Illinois. My students and I all made entries. Mine was the Toast of the Town. You can see other entries at our campus website:

Turning 50 Review in Afterimage

March 31st, 2006

 Turning 50

Turning 50 was recently reviewed in Afterimage (March-April 2006), published by the Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester, NY. Find it in the Noted section, page 54.

28 Days, The Menstrual Cycle in cards, is now Online

February 7th, 2006

28 Days

Just added to this website: 28 images that represent some of the emotions and physical sensations of the menstrual cycle. These images are a blend of mystery, honesty, and humor, presented with the hope that they can open discussion on this universal, but practically invisible female experience. Still available as a card deck, the ideal presentation is to lay them out in a circle on a round table. In this way the transition from Day 28 to Day 1 of the following cycle is continuous, as it is in real life…a familiar spiral that continues for women for perhaps 40 years. You might also enjoy a visit to the Museum of Menstruation

Bea Nettles Interview in Ampersand, PCBA

November 15th, 2005

An indepth profile article about my book works written by Debbie Hogan will appear in the Fall 2005 issue of Ampersand,the journal of the Pacific Center for Book Arts. You can find it and download it as a PDF here: find out how you can become a member, visit their website:

Turning 50: 10th Anniversary copies available!

November 8th, 2005

Turning 50

This book has been unavailable for several years. To commemorate its tenth anniversary, a new cover was printed and bound with original printed pages from the 1995 press run. This will enable a few more collectors to acquire this title. is your chance! Please spread the word. The book is available for $20 plus $4 shipping and handling. The entire book is available for preview online at:

To order:

Recurrences: Article about Return Trips by Professor Jordana Mendelson

July 28th, 2005

Professor of Art History, Jordana Mendelson, wrote a catalog article entitled Recurrences in conjuction with a recent exhibition of Return Trips. It can now be read online at:

To find out more about Dr. Mendelson’s research, visit:

To read reviews of Mendelson’s just released book Documenting Spain:

Aiko’s in Chicago

July 23rd, 2005


Next time you are in Chicago, be sure to visit Aikos Art Supplies at 3347 N Clark (near Wrigley Field). Chuck Izui and Becky Saiki are there to help with hundreds of beautiful Japanese papers, special tools, and a wide selection of books on bookbinding, papermaking and Japanese Arts. This unique store is a world-class destination. I visit Aiko’s each chance I get and learn something new every time.

Eight copies left of Limited Edition Flamingo

July 13th, 2005

Flamingo Limited

At last count, there are only eight copies left of the limited edition of Flamingo in the Dark, including my own personal copy. There were two hundred copies that were signed and numbered and housed in a fabric covered slipcase. Inside with the book is a deckled edged folio with six offset images from the book.

For more information:

Before the Da Vinci Code, there was Breaking the Rules: A Photo Media Cookbook

July 9th, 2005

Breaking The Rules Breaking The Rules

Years before the Da Vinci Code, I was at the Last Supper with my Instamatic and sundress, shown here in the original 1977 edition. The current edition with me in the power suit is soon going to be out of print too. There are no immediate plans to put it back on the press, so get one if you always meant to do it.

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