Nettles Soup included in the Photographers Cookbook

June 27th, 2016

nettles soupphotographers cookbook
I am pleased to have been included in The Photographer’s Cookbook, just published by Aperture. It was a project begun by staff at the George Eastman House in the mid 70s and shelved. Recently rescued and realized, it is a perfect time capsule of those days. The design is attractive, and the recipes, although sometimes funny, are in some cases quite appealing.

Mountain Dream Tarot deck on display at the Metropolitan Museum, NYC

June 1st, 2016

tarot first edition web
From now through October 30 you can see images from my first edition Mountain Dream Tarot in the Dream States exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This is considered the first complete deck created with photographs in the history of Tarot. It was created in the years 1970-75 without benefit of digital tools. This meant if something was on fire, it actually WAS on fire. If I needed an eagle, I had to find an eagle to photograph. My family members and many friends of mine from Penland School in North Carolina were my models.

I have a very few mint copies of this deck available at my webstore.

2 Self portraits at Pier 24 in SF

May 4th, 2016

pier 24 sf web
From now until February 2017, there is a group photography exhibition of self portraits by women at Pier 24 in San Francisco. It is called Collected. Look for two of my images from the 70s there.

“Neptune & Lake Lady” purchased by the Eastman Museum

April 23rd, 2016

Neptune & Lake Lady is a vintage 1970 work containing nine collages composed of black & white photographs, ortho film overlays and drawings stitched into mylar notebook pages housed in a black three ring binder. It was created during the fall of 1970 while I worked at Nazareth College, my first college teaching job in Rochester, NY. The book has returned to the city in which it was created.
Four other works were added to the collection this month as well: St Mark’s Place (1970), Koolaid Heart (1971) and two from Return Trips: Geometry(1999) and Mermaid (2000).
16neptune128j lady legs 70

99 st marks pl5b Koolaid heart (broken, 2 heads)


Ransom center group show featured online

April 3rd, 2016

Here is the link to the Austin American-Stateman’s coverage of a group show of works from the collection at the Harry Ransom Center.
They have one of my mid 70′s cyanotypes on view. These are unique prints and I made about a dozen of this type in the summer of 1975.
moon dreams cyanotype

Two books on view currently in Portland at Atelier 6000.

April 3rd, 2016

Edge of Summer Lake2Nettles_Playa ABCplaya
Two of my books that feature the landscape of Southern Oregon and the residencies I have had at PLAYA are now on view at Atelier 6000 in Bend, Oregon. This is a traveling group exhibition up through the month of April at this location.

Work on view at Philadelphia Museum of Art

March 29th, 2016

1970 sister_parrot_garden webFrom now until July 24, you can see this 1970 work of mine Sister in the Parrot Garden on view in the Honickman Gallery at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. They are showing an assortment of works from their collection.

Works on view at Ryerson Image Centre, Toronto

February 16th, 2016

Until the end of the month you can see several of my works owned by the Ryerson Image Centre in Toronto on view in Ways of Seeing: Building the RIC Collection. There are a few works on the wall and several books and my first edition Tarot cards are displayed in a glass case.

The Photographic Object: 1970, published.

February 12th, 2016

book openbook

Today I received my copy of this long awaited book. I had two works in Photography Into Sculpture in 1970 at MOMA. There was never a catalog, although the show traveled two years and countless people were influenced by it. Thanks to a renewed interest in that time period there have been several restagings of this show. Mary Statzer, the editor of the book, visited my studio to record an interview with me.

The book is available from The University of California Press.

A review of the show found in the NY Times is here:
The Hauser& Wirth version of the show in NYC is here:

Blurbs about the book:
“This highly original, carefully researched book sheds new light on a landmark (though little-studied) photography exhibition. Focusing on a key set of artists and formal strategies that helped prepare the ground for the mixed-media practices that are dominant in the art world today, it will be of interest to a broad range of artists, scholars, and museum professionals concerned with modern and contemporary art.”—Matthew Biro, author of The Dada Cyborg: Visions of the New Human in Weimar Berlin

“In a digital era, and as photography’s definition and various roles are being questioned, The Photographic Object 1970 reminds us that the medium is continually being redefined and rethought. Taking a fresh look at a pivotal cultural moment, essays in this book explore curatorial and institutional insights and limitations and argue convincingly that adventurous exhibitions, as well as the various forms photographs take, benefit from a second look and new perspectives.”—Marvin Heiferman, author of Photography Changes Everything

“As boundaries between traditional art disciplines are being questioned, blurred, and traversed as never before, Mary Statzer’s book about a prescient but overlooked exhibition and moment in history could hardly be more timely. Contained within this exhaustive anthology of essays, interviews, and discussions are invaluable lessons for artists, institutions, and historians alike.”—Joshua Chuang, Chief Curator, Center for Creative Photography, University of Arizona

Playa: Sediments, Sequences and Solitude

February 12th, 2016

Edge of Summer Lake1Edge of Summer Lake2Nettles_Playa ABC

Two of my artists books from my residencies at PLAYA in southern Oregon are on display in a group show at the Umpqua Valley Arts Association Gallery in Roseburg, Oregon. The show is up now until March 11th. One of the books is an ABC where I found natural letterforms in this beautiful landscape and the other is a layered concertina made in response to the white line that forms on the playa at the distant horizon every afternoon.

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