Two versions of this accordion book were made. Pictured are 40 hearts with initials carved into trees.  This is the text:

Over the years I’ve recorded hearts carved on trees.  They raise many questions.  Are pocket knives still common?  Were these marks made secretly or as an open and serious declaration?  

My grandparents used forty forevers to express their concept of a truly long stretch of time. Did the couples remain together forever?  As can be observed in some cases, nature has the ability to erase even the most ardent emotions.

Digitally printed accordion books. Single sided 8 pages. 6 x 7.5 x .5 extends to 44.5”

Parchment wraps for books.

Leather edition of 3: Sold Out. Collections: Beinecke, Yale University;  University of Central Florida, Orlando; Herron School of Art, Indianapolis.

Cloth edition of 6.  $200