Springs Victory: Kore Comes Back

Accordion book is 4.5 x 11.75 extends to 18”

Double sided 4 page accordion. Color printed, encased in a slipcase.

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Springs Victory: Kore Comes Back © Bea Nettles 2018

During olden days, golden Demeter founds lush domain.  Springborn barley blessing goodpasture.

Summer corn greening fuller fields. 

Holy wheat ambers horizon, her rolling oats waltz. Bright Poppy borders billow on highlands.

Kore yanks dainty daisy bunch.

Goodchild hands full basket to famous Queen, kissing her mothershead.

Demeter settles gentle kiss on fairchild, patting cherry cheeks Precious treasure, my hearts delight, best little darling.

Ambrosia bowls brim over.  Good days offer comfort, smiles marking every face. Everybodytalksabout happy age.

Early on, treble brothers secure rights to rule sovereign worlds.

Jupiter drew lot winning starry Heaven, Hades winning Hell, Neptune given sea.

Good fortune shone on lucky Jupiter. Soon lord Jupiter, Queen Demeter agree to marry.

Many grand days pass.  Kore enters her prime. Brotherly pair confer, binding her to bachelor Hades.

Her oldfather settles on brothers wedding to younger bride.

Jupiter forges union to black-beard groom, banning Kore to underland.

Secret pledge bonds regal brothers, severing Demeter from innocent maiden.

Many fine days pass.  Primrose dawn tinges meadows hazy edge.

Diamond dews, opal hues cover mayfield. Heather, bellflower, blue-bonnet bloom. Clover rings grow on greenhill.

Bee, beetle, butterfly dance dash dart. Blest spring weathers usher teen to hunt more flowers. 

Morningstar lights her way. Birdsong lofts high over her daring head. Larks warble. Wood thrush pipes.  Robins preen. Wren, finch, sparrow flicker, flitter, scattergood seeds. Kore enters danger zone. Her favorite blossom lures her on.

Earnest fingers pick rich wonders.  From dimmer zone Hades spies lovely virgin.

Blind lust, keen longing goad brash kinsman to rise.

Fields yawn, from which narrow breach forms. Level ground buckles, hard rocks rumble. Loud booms, louder bangs!

Black stallions burst from grumbling gash, pulling rising golden carrier.  Hasty raider reining rolling rushing!

Swift gray clouds fly over sun.  Cloudy greenfield cools. Hades grabs young body, draws her warmbold flesh downward. Rock dust smothers her, swallows her needy call. Her pleas grow fainter.

Rough king takes bride to dread domain, cutting bonds to her sunny world. 

Meadows close back. Final tight surface seals over. Cryer sinks to share her new life farbelow.                        

Demeter heard childs faint call.Queen goes wheeling, keeling, fanning forth.

Hurling mantle, pulling veil from her head, she orbits like hawk overwater.

Blaze from flaming pine lights her search overland.  

Wary neighbors hamper her fearing Hell master's wrath. Nine days pass. 

On final morning, Demeter hails dark moon crone.

Did she see Kore enter damp ground? Both heard Hades bold rape, so pair query sun driver to reveal raider.

Solar boysaw conquest on daily rounds. Snitcher names raper. Story teller favors wise husband choice!

Blase remark stuns child seeker.Demeter grieves her childs fate. messenger rolls sun forward over heavens dome.

Fatherly guile angers Queen. Royals covert deal sours her heart. Black garbs soon cover weary wanderer.

She forms starkweather to force her peers to free Kore from Hell. Tear spiller pounds hail stones on her brilliant world. 

Green blades begin browning, bent barley withers. Thistle seed, sharp nettles cover stubblefield.

Weeks pass, fierce hunger takes over. Appleman, pearman, figman shiver.

She pelts harsh torrents, powers wind storms, frost, sleet, ice, snow. 

Constant winter locks land. Bony farmer, gaunt herder freeze, losing all faith. 

Even divine peers beg lady to end her ill will.

Jupiter hopes to abate her fury.  Might lordly Hades free stolen mate?
Speedy Hermes goes below to seek mercy,  broker young persons liberty.

Grim winterhalter waits, high hopes fill her heart. Hunger pain means Kore samples certain red fruit seeds.

Alas! Seed-eater seals her doom.  From farbelow, groom settles on fair ransom rights.

Sweet swallows binding her six moon-rounds to her husband, six to Demeter.

Brothers promise to lessen her stay to cool seasons. Nearing March, pleasant furlough draws near.

Hurrah! Demeter regains rising companion! April weathers start over during young persons advent.

Milder airs usher greener interval. Sun beams stream nicely overall.  All welcome Mayweather bliss!

Dance music cheers seed sowers. Ready seeds begin to sprout. Wheat shoots greenup.

Springborn lamb capers on fuller fields. Olive trees flower, fruit groves prosper.

Prior mourning over, June favors morning outing. Merry laughter rings.

Pollen streams over July corn silks   Wheat thresher bales holy miracle.

Eager sons eatwell, grow fat. August days offer overall welfare.

True joy shines on perfect paradise.

A new interpretation of the myth of Persephone written entirely in surnames photographed in cemeteries.