This flag book is based on the Norse Norns of Fate, Being and Necessity. These three godesses were somewhat akin to the Fates. This book was made while Nettles was in residence at Harfnarborg Cultural Center in Hafnarfjordur, Iceland.

Fate, Being & Necessity

There are many fair places in heaven, and over everything there a godlike watch is kept. A hall stands there, fair, under the ash by the well, and out of that hall come three maids, who are called thus: Urr, Verandi, Skuld; these maids determine the period of men’s lives: we call them Norns....

It is further said that these Norns who dwell by the Well of Urr, take water of the well every day, and with it that clay which lies about the well, and sprinkle it over the Ash, to the end that its limbs shall not wither nor rot; for that water is so holy that all things which come there into the well become as white as the film which lies within the egg-shell, as is here said:

I know an Ash standing called Yggdrasill,

A high tree sprinkled with snow-white clay,

Thence come the dews in the dale that fall- -

It stands ever green above Urr’s Well.


Prose Edda of Snorri Sturluson 1220

Collection: University of Central Florida Library, Orlando, Florida.