This sequence features the events in Nettles’ daughter's life during the holiday season from Halloween, Thanksgiving at Sanibel Island in Florida, through Christmas in 1983. Her daughter’s response to that trip and its environment, the events and traditions associated with the holiday season, are the raw material for the imagery.


Rachel’s Holidays

“All images are 9.25" dye transfer prints. Dye transfer printing is a complicated process requiring methodical thinking and patience. I was attracted to it for various reasons. My primary impression was the beautiful saturated color and fine detail one could obtain. The mechanical aspects of developing the matrices, agitating them in the dyes, and rolling the prints all felt comfortable to me because of my years of experience with graphic arts, screen printing films, and printmaking. In addition to aesthetic and technical compatibility, I was also aware of the permanence of these prints. It is gratifying to know that after devoting so much energy and care to make a dye transfer print, that it will remain unchanged in its color for future generations. “

Rachel's Holidays were personally printed by Bea Nettles in a limited edition of 6. Prints are signed and numbered.

Complete portfolio in the collections of: Portland Art Museum, Portland, Oregon; Harn Museum of Art, Gainesville, Fla; Columbia College, Chicago; State of Illinois Museum, Springfield, Il; Eastman Museum, Rochester, NY; Krannert Museum, Champaign, Il.

Representative images also in: Akron Art Museum, Rochester Institute of Technology Archives.