April 27th, 2007

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Interested in my projects DANTE ENTERS HELL and PLACE? Scroll further down! Detailed descriptions and photographs of my artists’ books can be found by following EXTERNAL LINKS on the righthand side of my webpage.


Mountain Dream Tarot: 3rd Edition


This deck is based on the original unique hand colored photographic deck from 1975. Cards are digitally printed on heavy coated stock and are encased in a drawstring bag. (2.75 x 4.75 x 1″) $4 shipping in the continental USA. Email us for estimate for all other orders.

Tarot Press Sheet Combo


The complete Higher Arcana from 2001 edition, distributed over two press sheets which also include the Cup images. While supplies last, we will include a 1975 vintage press sheet containing fourteen of the Higher Arcana images. This set of three press sheets comes rolled in a tube. Shipped free in the continental USA. Email us for shipping estimates otherwise.


1st Edition Mountain Dream Tarot Press Sheet: Swords


Look for the 3 of Swords used on Bruce Springsteen’s Magic. Ideal for framing. It’ll be shipped in a mailing tube. Offset printed on 15″ x 19″ card stock, 1975.


Knights of Assisi: A Journey Through the Tarot


Shot in Assisi, Italy, this features hand colored portraits based on the Tarot cards. Full color dust jacket & decorative end-papers with the look of Italian rock walls. 1990, 24 pages, 17 color plates, 8.5”square, softbound.


Seasonal Special

Collection of 9 titles


Great chance to acquire Flamingo in the Dark, Complexities, Seasonal Turns, Life’s Lessons, Skirted Garden, 28 Days, Grace’s Daughter, Turning 50 & Knights of Assisi. $123 value. Ships free in lower 48 States. Email for shipping estimates anywhere else.


Women’s Lives

Collection of 6 titles


This selection of Nettles’ books focuses on many of the issues faced by women. Included: Life’s Lessons, The Skirted Garden, Complexities, 28 Days, Grace’s Daughter, and Turning 50. $68 value.


Dante Enters Hell


This version of Dante’s Inferno has been written using photographs of surnames from gravestones. Eight page double sided accordion extends to 40.” Slipcase is 5 x 8.5″.




American history in the 4 regions of North, South, East & West is written using surnames from gravestones that serve as parts of speech. Slipcase is 10″ square, and the four doublesided booklets unfold to 9 x 18.” Digital offset on cover stock.


Stonecipher: A Book of Seasons


Poetry about the seasons written in gravestones that are nouns, verbs and adjectives located in Champaign County, Illinois. 4 page accordion expands to 17″. Slipcase is 4.5 x 11″.


Cooking the Books: A Concise Guide to Bookbinding


This easy to follow workbook includes folded, sewn & glued structures, the classic codex, basic boxes and 3 slipcases. Black & White with laminated cover, spiral bound, 8.5 x 11”


THE OBSERVER: My Constant Companion


In 2005, Nettles made this 3 x 5″ book at the Borowsky Center at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia using her own portraits from age ten to fifty. The eyes are cut out to reveal alternately the young eyes in the older face, then the older eyes in the younger face. It is a humorous, jarring, but truthful study of aging


14 Mysteries


Actual keys were scanned and combined with the text: These keys were found in a cluster when we moved here in 1984. Their purposes have long been forgotten. After 22 years they hang on a hook in the basement. No one has the heart to just throw them away. One never knows when their role in our house will be revealed. Digital print on rag paper, accordion with linen ties. 3.75 x 2 x .75 extends to 17”


Assorted Alphabet Accordion Books

Open edition board bound copies

$40 per title

From 2011-14 Nettles created several different ABC using natural forms incorporating primarily trees. You can see details of each alphabet under External Links: ABCs. If you order one (or more!), please email with the specific versions you wish to have shipped. Pictured here are Barkers Creek (NC), Gulf Coast, Gullah & Oxbow (Michigan.)


Assorted Alphabet Accordion Books

Limited edition clothbound copies

$95 per title

From 2011-14 Nettles created several different ABC using natural forms incorporating primarily trees. You can see details of each alphabet under External Links: ABCs. If you order one (or more!), please email with the specific versions you wish to have shipped. Pictured here are Barkers Creek (NC), North Florida, Oxbow(Michigan), Playa (Oregon) and a cover of Atlantic Coast.


The Fig Leaf


Bound in green leather with a debossed leaf on cover. Text: The fig leaves we see on Greek and Roman torsos were added to them after the Council of Trent and a 1557 edict from Pope Paul IV. Having been added to existing sculptures, they continue to cling to them to this very day. 3.25 x 4.25 digital print opens to 24.” Paper wrapper.


Family Resemblances: 50 Years of Florida Family Portraits


Nettles photographed her family since she got her first camera at age 10. She features her family’s physical looks & investigates similarities in their personalities. All images can be viewed on this website by following link at top right called Family Resemblances. 5.5 x 7.5,” Digital offset. Clothbound codex. Edition of 10. 2007.


Of Loss and Love


In 1975 Nettles personally and expressively ran the offset press, combining her photographs and the poetry of her mother Grace Nettles. Five copies remain out of the edition of 100. 7 x 9.75,” clothbound. A vintage book!


The Nymph of the Highlands


In 1974, Nettles illustrated this creation story written by her 13 year old sister Connie. Mixed media children’s book offset printed at the Visual Studies Workshop with additional screen printing, blue tissue and film overlays. Edition of 200, 18 remaining. 4.5 x5.5,” Saddle stitched with flocked burgundy covers and stitched green vinyl slipcase. A vintage book!


Dream Pages


Nettles illustrated her dreams using a Haloid Xerox machine at the Visual Studies Workshop where the book was offset printed. Additional colors were screen printed in her studio. 1974, 7.5 x 9.5,” Encased in a pale yellow machine stitched vinyl slipcase. A vintage 70’s book.


Flamingo In The Dark


A visual autobiography of over 65 bichromate images created in multi-layered color, predating digitally manipulated photographs by years. 1979, 72 pages full color, 11″ square, hardbound.


Turning 50


Over 25 photo triptychs & text by Nettles address her response to a particular mountain landscape, past memories, and feelings on turning fifty. 1995, 64 pages. Duotones, 4 x 8″ softbound.


Complexities: Images & Text


To examine the complex ties that bind many mothers, Nettles blends her experiences of childhood, pregnancy, childbirth, housework, & professional life in layered images & text using intrusions, improvisation, & balancing as a basis for art that is woven with her life.1992, 48 pages, duotones, 10 x 10″.

Life's Lessons

Life’s Lessons: A Mother’s Journal


Photos and text which examine contemporary mother/child relationships and issues of separation, gender, aggression, materialism, and hopes for the future generation. 1990, 68 pages, duotones, 8.5 x 11”, softbound.


Seasonal Turns


The passing of the seasons represented by 4 accordion books of sequenced photographs, each in a different color, combining evocative landscapes and portraits. 1998, 56 duotones, boxed. 3.5×24.5″


28 Days: A Deck of Cards


28 cards represent some of the emotions & physical sensations of the menstrual cycle. Medical text & personal statements blend mystery, honesty, & humor, opening discussion on this universal, but practically invisible female experience. 1991,duotones,boxed 3.5×4.5″