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The Imaginary Blowtorch


Poetry by Grace Nettles. Edition of 100. Offset lithography, screen printing, and hand coloring on paper, 8 mylar pages and 8 tissue pages. Staple bound. 8.25" x 10.5" Encased in a sewn white vinyl lace slipcase. Signed and numbered.

This is a collaborative book featuring the poetry of Grace Nettles and images by her daughter, Bea.

"As in the old movies layers of gauze lift and relift as a character recalls the past, so Bea has dressed her book in veils. A translucent cloth cover partially conceals the title page and must be lifted to clearly see what one is encountering. And then another thinner veil must be lifted to view the beginning, thematic image, a woman shielding her eyes, gazing through shadow fingers, and to read the initial poem, "The Dream That Started It All Again."

Bonnie Lambert, Afterimage, February, 1974.