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The Elsewhere Bird


Poetry by Grace Nettles. Edition of 120. Offset lithography, screen printing, hand coloring on paper, fabric, mylar and tissue. 8.25" x 10.5" Stapled, encased in orange vinyl slipcase with gummed orange sticker. Signed and numbered.

"The handmade book has since the Early Medieval period been one of the most beautiful of art forms. That Bea Nettles makes photographic books by hand long post-Gutenberg implies a radically different and completely personal intent. That she works with a cheap plastic imprecise camera which does not allow for perfect control but rather produces the accidental quality she seeks, may explain her interest in the dream-quality images she can achieve in these imaginative books. She piques our interest in creating a photographic book which cannot be mechanistically reproduced, a genuine anomaly. In a time of great presses, she lists her books as "privately printed."

Jean Tucker, Aspects of American Photography: 1976, University of Missouri, St. Louis, 1976.