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The Hanged Man T-Shirt

hanged man

The PAM Mountain Dream Tarot Book

mountain dream

Swords, Cups and Higher Arcana Press Sheets from the original 1975 Deck

press sheets

In 1970, photographer Bea Nettles began her photographic interpretation of the Tarot Cards. After five years of work she produced the historic Mountain Dream Tarot, which has been out of print for many years. In 1990 another work based on the Tarot was published: Knights of Assisi: A Journey Through the Tarot. In 2001 she created a digital version of Mountain Dream Tarot.

Mountain Dream Tarot


old tarot deck

Mountain Dream Tarot was the first photographic tarot card deck. The cards were produced years before the advent of digital photography using traditional darkroom processes. Each suit was printed in a different color and the cards were sold boxed.
A collector's item.

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Three vintage decks are available, currently valued at $2000 each. Email bea@beanettles.com for further information.

2001 New Edition

2001 tarot

Mountain Dream Tarot has been reissued. The original photographs from the 1975 deck have been scanned to produced this updated version. Each suit printed in a different color, encased in a 4 x 5.5" black box.

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Knights of Assisi: A Journey Through The Tarot


knights of assisi cover

Knights of Assisi is a four color book based upon the male characters in the Tarot deck. Shot on location in Assisi, Italy.

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